Ever wonder if an MRI is useful for assessment of concussion? Click here to read our editorial in Journal of Neurosurgery on this subject.
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What Does Our Lab Do?

The primary mission of our research laboratory is to prevent, classify and treat neurotrauma. We hope to achieve this by developing and using objective measures for brain injury. These objective measures thus far have included imaging (CT and MRI), serum markers and eye tracking, but we are open to consideration of all possible measures. We believe that brain injury and its chronic effects are complicated and the more accurately we can characterize the problem, the more likely we will be able to treat it.

With regards to spinal cord injury we are focused on (1) describing the demographics of injury so we can better understand how to treat it (2) collaborating with David Darrow on the E-STAND trial to improve/restore spinal cord function in patients with chronic spinal cord injury.

How to Participate

If you are interested in joining our lab, participating in a study, or just want more information, please reach out by phone or email. We are more than happy to discuss our work. Do not forget to check back here as we regularly update our website with new publications, presentations and meetings, and studies!